Meeting the Requirements

It is your responsibility to make sure that you are meeting all of the program requirements. The online registration system does not automatically check this for you, and unfortunately each year there are a few students who do not graduate on time because they have not met all the necessary criteria.

Choosing Your Courses

The Undergraduate Calendar outlines the course requirements for each level of the program. Read through the notes for your level carefully, and let one of our Academic Advisors know if you have any questions.

When choosing your courses, follow the sequence laid out in the calendar.

Make sure you pay attention to course pre-requisites. Also, when considering courses from other departments, read the notes at the beginning of that section of the calendar. Sometimes there are general restrictions you need to know (for instance, some Kinesiology courses are only available to Kinesiology students).

In general, 30 units is a normal course load. It is important to balance your semesters so that you take 15 units in the Fall semester and 15 units in the Winter semester.

To be a full-time student, you need to take at least 9 units in each Fall/Winter term, but remember that you will still need to meet the specific requirements for each level of the program. Also, be aware of the requirements for programs such as the Dean’s Honour List and varsity sports.

In some cases, it may be possible to overload (take an extra course). If you have questions about this, please contact an Academic Advisor.

Additional Information


Online Registration

You enroll for courses using McMaster’s online registration system (Mosaic). You can find Mosaic by logging into the McMaster Student Portal¬†using your MacID.

You will also use Mosaic to arrange payment for your courses. You need to do this to finalize your enrollment.

The Office of the Registrar has provided a comprehensive registration guide.

Pay particular attention to the enrollment schedule. It will let you know when you can start enrolling and how long the enrollment period will be open.


Checking Your Registration

Whenever you enroll for a session or update your enrollment, check your Academic Advisement Report to make sure you are meeting the requirements for your program.

If you are having difficulty or a problem shows up on your Advisement report, contact an Academic Advisor for help.



  • If you are on an internship and have enrollment questions you can also contact
  • If you are a returning exchange student and your final transcript has not been received from your partner university, contact
  • Remember that you can only take a maximum of 48 units from Level 1 during the course of the four-year program.
  • In general, commerce electives cannot be substituted for non-commerce electives. You need to meet the requirements for both kinds of courses.
  • If you are interested in taking a Summer course at another university for credit in the program, please read the information about Letters of Permission.
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