What is GR0?


The workplace demands more than the basic knowledge obtained from core business courses.
In response, DeGroote has developed the GR0 program.

This program complements the Bachelor of Commerce curriculum and equips students with vital skills such as creative problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration.

The program provides a space for students to practice and reflect on what they learn, driven by their choices and interactions with peers. This approach ensures students graduate with the highly sought-after skills while also giving them the tools needed to become effective leaders.

Why GR0 is Great

Taking Steps to GR0

By leveraging experiential learning strategies and maximizing the use of technology, GR0 courses provide students with opportunities to learn and grow, leading to enhanced engagement and academic success.

Each year of the program features a unique learning activity that is supported by career development opportunities, digital literacy training, and leadership skills development in an equitable and inclusive environment.

Case-based Learning

To ensure a successful transition to university and success in the Commerce program, first-year students are introduced to the various supports available to them during their time at DeGroote, as well as strategies for academic success.

The 24-Hour Case organizes students in groups to solve a specific business case within a 24-hour period. Students can work with business professionals and alumni, who assess their solutions and provide feedback on their presentations. This experience provides students with real-world insights and case-based learning.

Skill Development

Critical Thinking  Information Literacy | Problem Solving 
Collaboration  Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion | Working in Groups | Leadership 
Communication  Presentation Skills | Communicating in Writing 
Self-Management  Your Guide to the DeGroote School of Business | Learning to Learn | Building Resilience | Leadership Assessment
Digital Literacy  PowerPoint | Excel | Avenue to Learn | TopHat | MS Teams | Zoom | McMaster LibGuide 

Problem-based Learning

The Virtual Business Simulation requires students to organize into groups and take on the role of managers in a start-up company. The goal? Increase the company’s yearly profit.

By reflecting on the business reports and results of the year, students adjust their strategies for the following year and make another round of decisions. This immersive and interactive learning activity enables students to develop critical thinking and decision-making skills in a realistic and risk-free environment, preparing them for the challenges of the business world.

Skill Development

Critical Thinking  Problem Solving Techniques | Creative Problem Solving |
Smart thinking: Overcoming Complexity
Collaboration  Essentials of Team Collaboration | Business Roles 
Communication  Communicating with Confidence | Communication within Teams | Communicating Across Cultures | Data Visualization | Tableau Essential Training 
Self-Management  LinkedIn Learning | Leadership Assessment 
Digital Literacy  Tableau | LinkedIn | Praxar Virtual Business Simulation | Avenue to Learn | MS Teams | Zoom | McMaster Linkedin Learning Path 

Community-based Learning

The Community Impact Project (CIP) provides students with an opportunity to work in groups and devise strategies to solve a real-life community problem. This experiential learning activity encourages students to reflect on social issues and engage with their community in a meaningful way.

After working collaboratively to develop innovative solutions to the community problem, students present their ideas to community partners, deepening their sense of community engagement and demonstrating the practical application of their skills and knowledge. This immersive experience provides students with a unique perspective on the role of business in addressing community challenges and equips them with the tools to effect positive change in their communities.

Skill Development

Critical Thinking  Community Engaged Principles | Ways of Thinking | Diversity & Identities 
Collaboration  Community Engaged Principles | Relationship Building | Reciprocity | Equity | Continuity | Openness to Learning | Commitment to Act | Empathetic Leadership 
Communication  Ways of Thinking: Peer Review | Community Impact Project
Self-Management  Community Engaged Principles: Self-Study & Reflection | Ways of Thinking: Self-Study & Reflection | Leadership Assessment Reflection 
Digital Literacy  Avenue to Learn | TopHat | MS Teams | MS Forms | Zoom | PeerScholar | McMaster LibGuide | McMaster Pressbook 

Project-based Learning

The capstone course of the GR0 program provides students with an opportunity to work in groups and apply their skills and knowledge to a real-world business challenge for a real client, one of DeGroote’s educational partners. Students are responsible for managing client meetings, signing contracts, writing proposals and interim reports, and presenting their innovative solutions to clients.

This consulting project allows students to gain valuable experience working with real clients, build their professional network, and highlight their skills to potential employers. In addition to the project itself, students reflect on their learning, leadership development, and career development throughout their time at DeGroote, preparing them for successful careers after graduation.

Skill Development

Critical Thinking  Consulting and Client Engagement 
Collaboration  Project Deliverables: Group Contract, Client Proposal,
Interim Report, Presentation to Client
Communication  Communicating with Clients | Career Workshop | Communicating Learning Experiences for Career Growth
Self-Management  Leadership Assessment Reflection 
Digital Literacy  Avenue to Learn | TopHat | MS Teams | Zoom 

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