Online Learning Resources

Find ways to optimize your learning strategies while becoming familiar with the tools you may use in your online course.

Avenue to Learn

Navigate Brightspace Learning Environment – Navigation – Learner

Learn how to access your course, complete quizzes, submit assignments, participate in discussions, and access your grades in this set of tutorials on Brightspace (the Learning Management System used at McMaster University).


Joining and Configuring Audio & Video

Quickly learn how to join a virtual classroom that takes place in Zoom.


How to Join a Webex Meeting Video Conference

Quickly learn how to join a virtual classroom that takes place on the WebEx videoconference tool.


Connecting with Microsoft Teams as a Student

Learn how to use Microsoft Teams to connect with your instructor and class or participate in a virtual classroom.

Effective Strategies for Online Learning

FEATURED E-BOOK: Learning to Learn Online

Learn how to be a self-directed learner, apply learning strategies to improve your learning process, manage your time, communicate professionally, and use effective reading strategies.

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