Course Description

IBH 3BB3 - Organizational Strategy

  • Prerequisite: Registration in Level III of the Integrated Business and Humanities Program

In this course, students will explore frameworks that help them conduct strategic analysis, and formulate and implement new strategies to improve organizational performance. The course is structured to provide strategic management tools and frameworks to assist organizations of all types, from public and private for-profit firms through social businesses and social enterprises to traditional non-profit and charitable organizations. Through case-based discussion, guest speakers, and experiential exercises, professors will push students to answer key questions such as: How do organizations across the for-profit and non-profit continuum define their purpose, and conceptualize, create, and capture value? How do these organizations analyze strategic opportunities and structure effective investments? What is the nature of competitive advantage in for-profit and non-profit contexts and how is it gained and sustained?

Course Offerings

Fall 2023

Code Section Instructor Outline
3BB3 C01 B. McKnight Outline

Fall 2022

Code Section Instructor Outline
3BB3 C01 B. McKnight Outline

Fall 2020

Code Section Instructor Outline
3BB3 C01 C. Chow Outline

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