Course Description

IBH 1AD3 - IBH in the Community

  • Prerequisite: Registration in Level I of the Integrated Business and Humanities Program
  • Antirequisite: Not open to students with credit or enrollment in CMTYENGA 2A03

As community engagement is a key component of the IBH program, this course will introduce students to the politics, processes and functioning of communities and provides foundational knowledge and skills for effective and principled community engagement. As an IBH student, you will be a member of many communities – your workplace, your professional group, your neighborhood, your city, your country, the world. In the future, whether as a business professional, humanist or health /social services provider, you will be called upon to participate in community activities and community change.

Course Offerings

Winter 2023

Code Section Instructor Outline
1AD3 C01 B. Collins-Nelsen Outline

Winter 2021

Code Section Instructor Outline
1AD3 C01 B. Collins-Nelsen Outline

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