New and Special Topics Courses


Special Topics Courses


COMMERCE 4FX3 – Business and Government: The Economics of Competition Policy

Competition policy is much in the news today, ranging from the ongoing Rogers Shaw merger, to potential actions against platform firms such as Google Facebook and Amazon. All students in economics and the DeGroote School of Business would be well served by understanding the economics of this front-page activity because the path taken by competition policy authorities will affect our economy and firms where students may end up employed. In addition, understanding how to go from simple theory to analyzing actual behavior with data is important for any potential job. We will be examining simple theory and a number of cases in the US, Canada and Europe concentrating on the economics but also analyzing the public policy implications. We will have competition lawyers and economists from Canada. the US and Europe zooming in to help our understanding.

Prerequisite(s): Registration in Level III or above in any Bachelor of Commerce or Economics program.


COMMERCE 4BX3 – Special Topics in Human Resource Management

Social entrepreneurship. This course offers a practical introduction for students interested in the increasingly popular phenomenon of social entrepreneurship. The course focuses on key concepts in the field of social entrepreneurship and social enterprise, introducing students to the range of business models used to pursue both social and financial objectives. It presents and details the challenges facing social entrepreneurs and reviews strategies for recognizing social opportunities, developing a strategic plan, funding social ventures, and measuring social impact.

Prerequisite(s): COMMERCE 1BA3 or IBH 1BA3; and registration in any Bachelor of Commerce or Engineering and Management program or relevant minor.


New Upper-Level Course Available to Students Registered in Level II or Above


CHALLENG 2CC3 – Engineering and Science for Humanity’s Critical Challenges

Explores the role of engineering and science in addressing four critical challenges for humanity: energy sources for the future; climate change; deployment of artificial intelligence and biotechnology; and confronting the prospects of nuclear war and high-impact pandemics.

Prerequisite(s): Registration in Level II or above of any program.


INSPIRE Office of Flexible Learning


Fall 2023


ABLD 3CD3 – Topics in the Black Caribbean and its Diasporas

This interdisciplinary course will introduce students to topics that evince the Caribbean region’s rich and nuanced Black histories and cultures. 

Not open to students with credit or registration in INSPIRE 3EL3 if the topic was Topics in the Black Caribbean and its Diasporas.

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LATAM 2A03 – Introduction to Latin American and Latinx Studies

This course serves as a broad introduction to the interdisciplinary fields of Latin American Studies and Latinx Studies. The course will also expose students to active/ongoing Latin American Studies research conducted by McMaster scholars and Latin American/Latinx scholars from the Latin American Network at McMaster University (LANMU).

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Winter 2024


ABLD 3BA3 – Topics in Black, African and African Diaspora Studies

This interdisciplinary course will explore selected topics from Black, African, and African Diaspora Studies, as determined by the instructor. Topics will focus on historical and contemporary issues that connect Black and African communities around the world. 

Not open to students with credit or registration in INSPIRE 3EL3 if the topic was Topics in Black, African and African Diaspora Studies.

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LATAM 3A03 – Critical Contemporary Issues in Latin American and Latinx Studies

These courses are also found on the course lists for Interdisciplinary Minors in Latin American and Latinx Studies, and African and Black Diaspora Studies. If you are looking for a way to structure your elective credits, the additional distinction of an Interdisciplinary Minor is a great way to do that with elective units you’ll have to take anyways!

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