IBH Course Outlines

Course outlines forĀ Integrated Business & Humanities courses can be found on this page. If you cannot find the outline for your upcoming course, please contact your professor directly.

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All IBH Courses

Code Title
1AA3 Financial Accounting
1AB3 Perspectives on Canadian Business
1AC3 Introduction to Language and Society
1AD3 IBH in the Community
1BA3 Organizational Behaviour
1BB3 Insight and Inquiry: Questions to Change the World
1BC3 Fundamentals of Ethics
1BD3 Introduction to Peace Studies for IBH
1LD0 Leadership Development - Self Awareness
2AA3 Introduction to Marketing
2AB3 Information Systems in Management
2AC3 Talent Management
2AD3 Statistical Data Analysis
2AE3 Critical Thinking
2AF3 Global Business Experience
2BA3 Managerial Accounting
2BB3 Introduction to Finance
2BD3 Moral Issues
2BF3 History of Capitalism
2LD0 Leadership Development - Leadership Emergence
3AA3 Relationship Management
3AB3 Applied Marketing Management
3AC3 Corporate Finance
3AD3 Cross-Cultural Communication
3BA3 Understanding Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship from a Historical and Theoretical Lens
3BB3 Organizational Strategy
3BC3 Poverty, Privilege and Protest in Canadian History
3BD3 Interpersonal Communication
3BE3 Operations Management
4AA3 Leadership: Fostering Effective Communication Through Visual Literacy
4AB6 Social Entrepreneurship Capstone
4BA3 Leadership Effectiveness: Building Personal and Organizational Success