Transfer to Second or Third Year from Another McMaster Program

This information is for McMaster students in another program who are interested in transferring to the Honours Commerce program (Level II or Level III).

Are you eligible for transfer into Commerce Level II or Commerce Level III?

  • If you have achieved up to 51 units of credit, you are eligible for transfer into Commerce Level II. 
  • If you have achieved 54 units of credit or above, you are automatically eligible for transfer into Commerce Level III, regardless of the number of Level II required courses completed. You will not be eligible to join the Commerce with Internship program.


Applications for Fall 2024 admission will open in April, 2024. Internal transfer is only permitted for the Fall term.


If you are currently registered in another McMaster program, you can apply for an internal transfer to the Honours Commerce program in Mosaic during Program Selection in April. You must select “Business Honours Commerce” as one of the programs to which you would like to transfer. The Faculty will automatically consider your application for Commerce Level II (if you have achieved up to 51 units of credit) or Commerce Level III (if you have achieved more than 51 units of credit).

To find the Program Selection Tool in Mosaic, search Student Centre > My Academics > Program/Plan/Subplan Selection.

If you are already in Level II of another McMaster program and/or the Program Selection Tool is not available to you, please email for instructions on how to apply.

You will be able to view the status of your application at the beginning of June in your Mosaic.


The Commerce program can only accept a limited number of students each year. Applications will only be assessed if all the requirements for your desired program selection have been completed by the end of the Winter term.

Students applying for internal transfer are not granted special permission to enroll into upper-level Honours Commerce courses during the Spring/Summer term.

To be considered, you must meet the following criteria.

  • You must have completed 24 – 30 units during the Fall and Winter semesters (September to April).
  • Your cumulative GPA must be a minimum of 6.0 (C+) which will include all credits completed to date. Attainment of a cumulative GPA of 6.0 (C+) does not guarantee internal transfer.
  • You must have completed at least 18 units from the following list:
    • Economics 1B03 (or Economics 1BX3)
    • Economics 1BB3
    • Commerce 1AA3
    • Commerce 1BA3
    • Commerce 1DA3
    • Commerce 1MA3
    • Math 1MM3
      • We will accept the following as an equivalent to Math 1MM3:
        • Math 1M03
        • Math 1A03
        • Math 1LS3
        • Math 1X03
        • Math 1ZA3

If only six (6) out of the seven (7) courses are completed, you will be required to complete the outstanding course while in the Honours Commerce program. We will accept P/NC grades for any of the above completed courses.

If you do not qualify for a transfer you may want to consider a Minor in Business. The Academic Advisors for your current program will be able to provide you with more information.

Transfer Credits

  • If your transfer to Commerce Level II is accepted, you may be eligible for up to 51 units of transfer credit (maximum).
  • If your transfer to Commerce Level III is accepted, you may be eligible for up to 60 units of transfer credit (maximum).
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